About Fuzzy Sweater

We are recording live music

Freshy's Show

We want to provide free in-studio live sessions for artists to share with their fans in hopes that we can help keep the local music scene thriving. Our goal is to capture the sounds that are coming out of Philadelphia. We are here to help out solo artists, bands... anyone making music. Pre-covid, we operated as a DIY basement venue, and were 100% donation based, with all money going to the artists. We would like to keep this same ethos, in keeping our services free to artists and their fans.

That being said, running sessions has its costs and this is not our full time job. Between the initial equipment/set costs and time invested recording, mixing, & editing, there is a bit more overhead than a once-a-month gig we throw in our basement. Moral of the story is, we are asking people to help us out so we can continue to provide for the areas up & coming artists! Please consider becoming a patron! Even $2 a month is an amazing gift and we are beyond grateful to get some support from our community.

Other Services

We started Fuzzy Sweater in order to compensate for the lack of live music but we are out here to provide more than just that for the local DIY scene. Between our current team we have the ability to help you with band photo shoots, music videos, album recording, and tons of other stuff. Feel free to send us a message at fuzzysweaterproductions@gmail.com with any and all questions regarding how we can help you, your band, or business!

Who we are


Shane - Audio & Web Design

Fuzzy Sweater co-founder and owner Shane has worked with local artists for years. Only taking a short break to get a B.S. in Computer Science from Bloomsburg University, he has been involved in the local scene for over a decade. Spending his days as a software developer, he spends the rest of his time writing, recording & mixing music for others as well as his own projects.


Matt - Video & Photography

Fuzzy Sweater co-founder and owner Matt has apprenticed & studied in almost any vistual art out there. Although a multi-instrumentalist, Matt is primarily the drummer for a number of Philly acts and has worked with local artists in both the audio and visual spaces for the better part of a decade.